Tutoring in Pedagogical Centre in Pforzheim


We offer help for all age groups, types of school and subjects

  • Private lessons and group lessons for pupils, trainees and students (Upon request our teachers can also give lessons privately at your own home)
  • Help with homework 3-5 participants
  • Targeted preparation for exams and presentations
  • Preparation for the final exams at secondary schools
  • Preparation for the German A-levels
  • Teaching important skills and techniques: Learning vocabulary, calculation tips for mathematics, obtaining information, speaking without notes and more
  • Pedagogic advice for problems at school: Stress at school, fear of exams and more

Our language classes

For children, adults and businesses

We offer courses for various languages at different levels.

The European Reference


Our basic computer course

For children, mature students and seniors

    Tailored to the group, appropriate for their age and skilled

Computer courses taught in small groups

One course consists of 12 classes

Divided into a beginner’s course and an advanced course



What will you learn in the beginner’s computer course?

  • How do computers work?
  • What can you do with a computer?
  • What terms are important when buying a computer and what do they mean?
  • Using the internet
  • Different applications
  • Various specialised courses for advanced students